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Year 2019 Sem 1


Fluorescent microscopy

SCBI113 (SI, PI, RA, PY, DT, VS, PC)

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Lecture notes:
Case Studies in Evolution (annotated)

HHMI lizard evolution virtual lab
Virtual Biology lab on Population Genetics 

Extra-reading material if you are very interested in the topics:
Lecture note on cancer (in Thai)
Article about chimera (in Thai)
Evolutionary view on LGBT (in Thai)
Phage-host interaction (in English) 

More info (very good resources to check out if you have time):
Big history project – Overview on evolution
OpenBiome – Fecal Microbiota Transplantation
Becoming Human – Human Evolution 
Burgess Shale – Cambrian Explosion
Lederberg Experiment – Exaptation|Adaptation