Big congrats to Ekasit at the IPM2018

It is a wonderful news. Big congrats to Ekasit IEx Sonpho for being selected to receive student research award at the International Planaria Meeting 2018

Great job IEx…


International planarian meeting 2018

Our newly developed technology for studying microenvironment in planarians will be debuted in the meeting by our PhD candidate, Ekasit Sonpho. This is a result from a collaborative effort between our group and a team from Gakushuin Univ led by Prof Kiyokazu Agata

New insights on ciliary tip maturation is published in Sci Rep


This project is very dear to my heart and we are very thankful to our great collaborative team led by Prof Haixin Sui at Wadsworth Center in New York and our former undergraduate student, Tanaporn May Petchruen, for this exciting new finding about the maturation process of the ciliary tip and its relation to the IFT system. The article is currently published in journal, Scientific Report.

Genistein + Beta cyclodextrin paper is published in J Mol Liq

This is a great time of the year for us. Big Congrats to our former undergrad student, Chonnikan Kungking Hanpaibool, and our wonderful collaborative team led by Dr Thanyada Rungrotmongkol at Chulalongkorn Univ for a wonderful work that is now up online in Journal of Molecular Liquids.