The 10th National conference for Science and Technology for Youth

Chanida Dream Woothichairangsan & Ekasit IEx Sonpho, our senior undergrads, presented their work on planaria at the 10th National Conference for Science and Technology for Youth, organized by Kasetsart Univ and the Institute for the promotion of Teaching Science and Technology, Thailand.

Jun 19-20, 2015


Biology Senior Research Presentation 2014

Congratulation krub to all our seniors! Impressive work and beautiful presentation!

Jirapat Thongchol -The best presentation award & selected for a plenary session for SciEX.
Ekasit Iex Sonpho – The best presentation award runner up & selected for a short talk for SciEX
Nipaphorn Dechokiattawan – The best presentation award runner up
Chanida Wootthichairangsan – Third place winner award

You guys are amazing 😀

April 29, 2015